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10:42pm 15/08/2009
  .....so when I leave early for work, there are...no delays, the stoplights are all short and I get there with 10 minutes to spare, even though I only left 18 or so minutes in advance.  But when I leave for work with say....13 minutes, there are delays up the wazoo and I either get there SMACK DAB ON TIME and panting, or a minute or two late.  Thank you, Mr. Murphy.  You and your dumb law.

Also for those of you who don't follow it yet: http://www.goodbyechains.com A gay communist cowboy and an ornery, diminutive bank robber.  Shenanigans.  Shenanigans that involve blowing things up and also robbing banks.  You really should read it, it's witty and well-written. :D (......also okay yes i do want the 3-page bonus comic that I get in exchange for pimping.)
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08:34pm 04/07/2009
mood: content
You know, I'm almost HAPPY that I had to work an 8 hour day on July 4th, of all days, because when I went out to grab lunch/dinner, I went and sat at the Depot square.  There were dogs and children and sun, I had sushi and a book and later ice cream, and completely out of the blue, a couple set up with a violin and a guitar and played gorgeous bluegrass music (there was some song about the Barbary Coast and princes and now I need to know what it was.)  I got called an enigma by the guy sitting next to me, apparently because sushi, the Communist Manifesto and bluegrass are incongruous.  Who knew!

And now I have all of...oh 6 minutes to get changed and meet Lora for July 4th shenanigans.

Happy July 4th, everyone! (I should have an Alfred icon here, really.)
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...Just because   
11:46pm 19/02/2005
mood: creative

Muahah. O.o
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